Day 4; Favorite eyeshadow / Dan 4; Omiljena senka


Kiko infinity eyeshadow in 217

I am not sure if I like more this eyeshadow itself or the color. I am so sorry that I haven't got a chance to try out other makeup products from Kiko because quality of this eyeshadow is amazing for price. It is solid pigmented not too much that you can't blend it with other shades but enough that you don't have to pack tone of product. 

This shade is complitely matte but so buttery and smooth in the same time. There is also not a lot of fall out. And the shade. It is a cool one, I would say brown but there are a little bit of burgundy tones in it. I haven't found anything simmilar and it is perfect for smokey eyes. Even though I don't have Z palette (I usually don't buy lot of singles) I don't mind packaging.

Kiko infinity eyeshadow 217

Ne znam da li mi se kod ove senke vise dopada proizvod sam ili nijansa. Cak mi ni pakovanje nije problem iako nemam paletu za ove pojedinacne senke vec je koristim direktno iz pakovanja.
Mnogo mi je zao sto trenutno nemam prilike da kupim jos nijansi iz ove linije zato sto je kvalitet odlican a cene su dosta povoljne. Solidno je pigmenovana, ne previse da ne moze da se sjedini sa drugima ali ni mora ni da se nanosi dugo.

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