When I look in a mirror


So really different from what we are used to but I want this blog to be place where I share everything I love not just make up and fashion and to express myself. But for you that are not into reading personal posts like this I am preparing something exciting for next post.

Lately I was looking in a mirror and I saw something that I haven't expected. I saw a  normal girl. I haven't seen pretty or ugly, fat or skinny thighs or flat stomach cause I choose to see beyond usual. I saw a cheerful girl that is smiling. I didn't expected that. Not after everything I’ve been through. I can still see the light at the end of a tunel even though it seems like the darknes is boundless, still can hope for best. I continue to walk straight and move forward and I try not to look behind.

I've been through much. Changed my entire body and soul. I don't even know who I am, I just know that I became strong. Been through rejections and  judgements but I managed to keep my head up because I wanted become a happier person and do awsome things in my life and make changes. It took a lot of time to understand that the only thing that can control our happines is ourselfs. The moment when you realize that you shouldn't think about others, about their rumors and opinions you make a huge step towards your happines. Then you feel free because the only person you should think about is yourself. No more fear of judging and the feeling that you aren't good enough. You are better than you know, you just have to find person thats going to see pearl in the old oyster but until then you are about to be misunderstood and mistreated but you have to think positive and stay strong. Which is not easy, but find little stuff to look forward to and motivate yourself to do great things.

 And just remember: 

This place is my escape and I want to feel free to show you stuff that matter to me.
I am sorry if this was a bit cofusing and random but there is so much I want to say and show you and I am not sure if I was able to put everything in words but hope you like it. 

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