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Recently I got a chance to put my hands on some of the Kiko products (since unfortunately I can't get them where I live) and I don't know how could I live without them.
Kiko is Italian makeup brand that is known for affordable prices and high quality products. Experience of shopping in their stores reminds me on shopping in Mac. Whenever I come into store I don't know where to look first. 

But first time I was drawn to some of the best seller products, eyeshadows. There are all kinds of them from creams to sticks and powders even wet and dry ones. And you can find any shade that come across your mind.

Of course I had to go for neutrals. First one is Cream crush eyeshadow in 05 Pearly silver rose. When I first got I couldn't stop starring. It's straight up glitter in a cool champagne shade. I love using it all over the lid and than just adding a bit of darker shade in the crease, perfect day look. Eyeshadow itself is so creamy and once applied on the lid it won't move anywhere. But you have to be a bit careful if applying with fingers because glitter will stay on them.

And the complete opposite one is Infinity eyeshadow in 213 Mat cocoa. Packaging is a bit of a turn off if you don't have Z pallets, but texture is amazing. It's so buttery there is no fall out whatsoever and pigmentation is just right. You can apply it with light hand and use it as crease or transition shade or bild it up a bit and go smokey.

Camera just doesn't do justice

Swatch from Kiko cosmetics

My other favorite are nail polishes. When it comes them I usually have hard time finding ones that last more than 3 days without chipping on my nails. And with Kiko ones there is nothing I don't like about them. With these darker shades one to two coats are complitly enough and because of that they will dry faster. I have basic black one in 275 and one in 497 Pearly Indian Violet. 497 is such an unusual shade, I would say that it's dark plum with red golden reflection. Also there are micro glitters. Shade just looks so expensive and different from all the ones I have tried.
Next product that on my wishlist are matte lipsticks. What are your favorites or what would you like to try?

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